Tags and posts and words oh my!

Forming new habits are hard.

There are probably all sorts of rules and tricks around forming new habits. A quick Google-search confirms this actually. Wow – everyone has opinions.

I want writing to become a habit again. My originally hope was when I fired up my website again, that I would write something every day. While that hasn’t happened (I’ve been close,) I am at least thinking about writing again.

What sort of things should I put on here? I really want something of substance, but I doubt that I’ll be able to do that consistently. I mean, how often does something happen every day that can be considered substantial enough to NEED to write about it?

So while I struggle with what to write, I keep plugging away at customizing the site.

I re-worked my Hood to Coast and Mount Rainier pages from my old site, and moved my reading lists from LiveJournal to here. I still need to work on the finishing details of some of these, but at least the bulk of the work is done.

I’ve also linked my dive pictures and Tanzania pictures here. I didn’t rework the existing pages, I just left them as is, so it’s probably a bit jarring to click on those links. Maybe I’ll find the time and drive to redo those pages so the look at feel is consistent.

While I’ve been trying to think of things to write about, I realized that I’m not being consistent with the use of tags. So that’ll be something that I need to be aware of as I go forward. At least I have a search option, and a way to view archives via months and years which will help locating old entries.

Here’s something – Tuesday is not only K’s and my eighth anniversary of our date, it’s our first wedding anniversary.

I had this great idea for a wedding present using the traditional theme (paper) of paper, but I put it off too long and it was no longer an option. So instead I adapted the original idea, adding the modern theme (clocks) to the traditional theme, and threw in something that hopefully yummy. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Colorado for seven months now. Heck, it’s still hard to believe that I moved from Washington in the first place. I honestly thought I’d be there for the rest of my life. Guess it shows that sometimes you don’t really have as much control over your life as you thought.

The apartment still isn’t fully put together yet. There are still far too many unpacked boxes in the second bedroom. The second bedroom, which by the way, is supposed to be a library and guest room combination, but it’s hard to have a library when you’ve run out of available shelving and still have quite a few boxes of books that haven’t been unpacked, and the lack of a bed for said guests. The plan is get a nice sofa sleeper so there will be a comfortable place to sit down and read, and one that you can then convert into a bed for the eventual guests. At least the movies are unpacked!

Speaking of the movies – they’re in little den our apartment has. I’m using the den as an office so it has my desk and computer, plus all of my comic books (and the movies.) I have two really good sized walls, and one smaller section of wall that I need to hang pictures up on. So much more wall space here it seems which is great. But deciding on what to hang up is proving difficult. So many cool things I can hang!

The living room is looking really good. I bought some curtain rods and light blocking curtains, plus moved a couple of bookcases into the living room, along with adding a display case for all of our glass pumpkins. Everything is matching very well. Lots of greys and blocks, but with splashes of purple now! With the white walls it looks really nice. Plus Ninkasi matches things, as does Olive, especially with her new purple collar.

The bedroom isn’t done yet. When K finally got here in July, she brought all of the dressers with her, which should have meant all of my clothes would go into the dressers. That hasn’t happened yet. The dressers are still full of random things that we stuck in there for the move. Every weekend I tell myself that this is the weekend to unload and organize, but sometimes comes up. Maybe this weekend . . .

I should add some pictures to this post . . .

And maybe some tags too.


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