Outside Running

Originally the plan this morning was to drop K off at work, grab a coffee, and drive to Ikea.

Instead, the plan turned into dropping K off at work, grabbing a coffee, and coming home.

Since it was still relatively cool out (64,) and I still needed to do my run, I was able to talk myself into running outside.

Looking at my logs, this was my first outside run since the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. Four months ago! Wait! I had to check again because that didn’t sound right. My last outside run was actually on the 16th of June. Still not much better.

Remember how I said I wasn’t running outside because I wasn’t comfortable for some reason? There you go.

So today – I ran outside. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, so I head down the usual beginning and thought that depending on the distance maybe I’ll run the entire length of this certain street that runs through a neighborhood. I was also hoping to do at least the 4 miles that I’ve been working towards the last few weeks.

It was a little hillier than planned, something I haven’t been working on while running on a treadmill, so I only managed 3.27 at the end.

But it was at a slightly faster pace that I’ve been running on the treadmill so that made me feel good. Plus it tells me that I’ll have no problem with the 5k that I signed up for in December (the Colder Boulder.)

Here’s the fun little video my Apple Watch with the Relive App makes.

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