Meat Sweats

For over 20 years I was vegetarian.

I started on a whim because a friend was and I thought it would be a good way to get healthy or lose weight.

While I may have lost weight (from my heaviest to my lightest, I lost 105 pounds,) but that was probably more due to the fact I wasn’t enjoying grandparents cooking two meals a day for me, and I was beginning to support myself (remember the days where Grocible ate better than me?)

But then in February of 2017, I ate a piece of pizza. Pepperoni pizza in fact. From Stellar Pizza in Georgetown.

And then I ate a hot dog from Dan the Hot Dog Man, and a chicken and waffle sandwich from CenturyLink Field.

Maybe the best $6 ever
Deep-fried is a gateway to eating meats.

I never got sick. Never overdid it. So I guess now I enjoy the meats.

There’s still been some experimentation. While never really enjoying seafood all that much before I became vegetarian, I have dabbled with some white fishes (fish and chips – see, fried foods are a gateway!) and a bite of I think salmon? Maybe tuna? I don’t remember now.

And steak. I am really liking steak.

Cooking steak in an apartment is kind of hard since I don’t have a grill, so thanks to the googles, I found a pretty good recipe using my oven a cast iron skillet. The doneness still isn’t consistent, I am getting better. Oh, and my brother had to actually give me steak knives for my birthday since we didn’t own any.

Yummmm . . .

So why did I start eating meat again?

Mostly boredom. Plus I wanted to taste more options.

I was bored with what I was eating, and it’s not like I was eating any healthier because I was vegetarian.

Plus I think the years of people questioning me and giving me such a hard time about it got to me. I grew tired of having to explain that I’ll do fine at gatherings, and hated anyone making a deal of what I was or wasn’t eating.

Of course, now the opposite is happening. “I can’t believe you’re eating meat!” “It’s so weird to see Jason eat meat.” Why? Why are so many people worried or concerned about me? I think that’s the hardest for me sometimes – I dislike people doing that which is why I keep so much stuff private.

So far I think chicken is my favorite. Especially fried chicken.

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