The New Normal

The other day, we had to walk to Walgreens to pick up a digital picture we printed, so of course I had to wear my fancy COVID attire.

The hat and sunglasses are because it’s sunny, but the mask was was for the store. I was a little afraid that I looked a little too much like a bank robber, but this is now the new normal.

Where we live isn’t usually a heavily trafficked area, but it’s extra desolate now. Although we have interacted with more neighbors than we ever have before.

We’re both trying to keep busy, so we’ve been hanging up more pictures. Having the apartment feel more homey is a nice feeling.

Besides my den/office, we’ve now hung up a bunch of pictures in K’s little area (aka the dining room.) She’s mentioned that this is the first time in a long time that she’s been able to hang up things on the walls that were hers.

We’ve even started hanging stuff up in the bedroom. Re-purposing a few frames, quite a bit of her original artwork that she’s acquired from comic cons and MLP cons is now finally displayed.

Because they’re all originals, we hung them up on the walls that don’t receive any sunshine.

Speaking of which – we also hung up the one piece of original comic book art that I own (from an actual comic.) This piece is something I bought way back in 1993/1994 when I was in college. The amazing thing is that this has never been hung up before.

K owns two pages from MLP comics and it’s interesting to compare the amount of detail and craftsmanship between the different eras.

The other day I got a package in the mail that was sent to me by a co-worker. I was at a loss for words when I opened it because it was so heartfelt and amazing. It made me cry.

Olive came home today.

K said that Ninkasi has been stressed out because she hasn’t been home. I know he’s been acting a little bit different than usual, and I’m still sure he misses her. I’m glad that Watson and K and I are still here.

After Olive passed away, I was looking for a memorial for her, and I found this handmade box on Etsy that came today.

I love the little lock on it, and the fact we could add our own picture to it. The little dog tag was something I bought awhile back from We Rate Dogs with the intention of putting it on her collar, but for some reason I never did. It now has a permanent home.

My favorite part of the tag is that the 13/10 are random ones – they’re all usually 12/10.

I told K that I wish we had pictures of the three of us. Apparently we did. K and I did this little photo shoot one winter, and I had forgotten that Olive was with us. There were three pictures of us, and we both picked this one for her memorial.

She was such a happy dog.

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