Everything is Canceled

It’s still really difficult to fathom how fast everything has changed over the last two weeks.

What’s even more difficult to fathom is how slowly everything has changed over the last two weeks.

I don’t even know what to – or how to – compare everything to that is going on in the world. And as much as I’m trying to be calm and not freak out about things, especially for K’s sake, if I’m being entirely honest with myself, it’s beginning to freak me out.

Which is probably what needs to happen – but a calm freak out. Not a OMG I HAVE TO BUY ALL THE TOILET PAPER AND GUNS kind of freak out.

March and April were full of so many things that I was looking forward, and now the new normal is avoiding people. Restaurants are closed (fortunately a few still allow carryout ordering and delivery. It may seem silly to others, but I hate drive-thrus, but that’s how the world is right now.

I was supposed to fly to San Diego for a work conference, and I was really looking forward to seeing San Diego ago, getting together with an old friend from my UBOC days, and running at sea level so I could feel like a super hero!

There was also my anniversary breakfast at work, along with a happy hour for those of us going to Summit Council. Both of those have been canceled.

Oh yeah – and can’t forget that Summit Council was canceled to.

Hike club – canceled.

Secret post work meeting at a random brewery – canceled.

Seeing Otherwise live in a tiny club in Denver – canceled. I even bought a VIP pass which I was really looking forward to. Canceled.

Last week, we went to Target to try and find groceries. K was really worried about not being able to get food, so we did the best we could.

I also bought an XBox One because why the hell not? I haven’t played a console game in years, and K isn’t much of a gamer, so I made sure to grab a few games we could play together, like Crash Team Racing Nitro (such fond memories of this one), and LEGO Harry Potter. I also picked up Burnout and the Halo collection.

K isn’t working, and Nordstrom isn’t paying her, even though they told everyone that they’ll be paid. It’s a long story, and it’s truly frustrating to me, especially when you consider the situation she found herself in at work. None of know when she’ll be able to go back to work.

At least I have a relatively safe job and am fortunate to working for a company/industry that isn’t being shut down.

So far, I’m still going into work every day and plan on it until we’re specifically told we can’t. I’m a lot more productive at work than I am at home, but at least here I have a dedicated space to work in. In the event we do have to work from home, we’ll be using video conferencing quite a bit, so I took the above picture to use as a virtual background.

Suppose one positive will come out of this and that is I’m being forced to run outside at least twice a week now. The gym at the apartment is closed (as is everything else), so I can continue my fitness goals for the year.

After eighty days, I’m still logging over 10,000 steps a day, and running over a mile. March’s average mileage has taken a little hit (right around 3 miles a day instead of 3.5), but I am still ahead of my 1,000 mile pace for the year.

Luckily they haven’t closed the gym at work (that may be a moot point in the event we’re not allowed to go into work) so I can still get my lunch runs in.

I was a little worried about having to run outside today because on Thursday, it snowed for about 24 hours straight (less than the 36 hours that was predicted). And then on Friday it never got about 24 degrees or so.

Today it looks like it’ll reach the mid-40s, and while taking Olive out for her morning walk, I as able to see that the sidewalks were clear and dry for the most part.

Here’s a picture of Ninkasi in his pink box from last night to close out this post.

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