I Love My Job

Last week, I ran into on the VPs at my credit union (she’s not my boss per se, but let’s be honest, she’s in charge) while at lunch, and she tells me “So, I heard you like soccer.”

Fast forward to the next week, and she comes up to my desk with this giant box and hands it to me.

What’s this for, I ask.

“It’s a thank you for everything that you do. You go above and beyond everyday, and I just want to say thank you.”

Inside this box was a ton of Sounders stuff. A cap and beanie, four pint glasses, and a great sized backpack. (And if I’m being entirely honest, I’m shocked that the hat fits my big ol head!)

I’m still shocked/amazed that she would do this for me. It really helps confirm that I made the right decision to take this job and move to Colorado.

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