Thirty-Nine Days of Running

Even after logging almost a 5 mile hike earlier in the day, a run was still completed.

I set out for a minimum of 20 minutes – hoping for 30 minutes. While I managed a little over 20 minutes – 1.84 miles, I still logged a longer run than the 1 mile minimum that I have given myself.

I have now managed to run 39 straight days of running.

  • Week Total: 22.91 miles
  • February Total: 25.02 miles
  • 2020 Total: 133.69 miles
  • Average Run: 3.43 miles
  • Longest Run: 5.32 miles (1/27)
  • Shortest Run: 1.32 miles (1/11)

Giving more thought to finding a race or two to do in the very near future. Maybe even getting crazy and finding one to do every month.

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