Devil’s Backbone

This morning our Hiking Club heading north to Loveland, Colorado, for what was supposed to be a 4 mile hike.

Continuing the theme of “Every Hike is a New Hike for Me,” I saw Devil’s Backbone for the first time.

A hogback that has eroded into this rocky spine, Devil’s Backbone definitely dominated the view on the trail.

The weather was beyond perfect. Barely any wind – let alone a breeze – and bright blue skies. Hard to imagine that just the day before it was very windy and snowed almost the entire day (plus, Sunday was predicted to snow all day.)

I’m really beginning to love what Colorado looks like. Yes, I do miss the water that Washington provided, and all of the beautiful green trees that are everywhere, but Colorado definitely has its own version of beauty.

As becoming the norm, only four of us made today’s hike. We didn’t have our unofficial official hike photographer with us, and since no pics or it didn’t happen, we had to get creative with our group picture.

At the keyhole, using my phone and another phone as a backer, we were able to use a timer to get our picture. I do have to say that it turned out pretty good, especially considering I had to run to my spot within the 10 second timer.

This picture is to the right of the keyhole. I tried to capture all of the nooks and crannies (no, it’s not an English muffin . . .) that the frock formations had.

Regardless of where you were on the trail, all of the rocks dominated the western view.

No, this isn’t an abundance of winter cotton – it’s snow.

The hike ended up being 4.75 roundtrip and surprising pretty easy. And as usual since we started so early, we rarely ever encountered anyone else on the trail until we were about half a mile from the trail head.

Afterwards, I treated myself to a Ninkasi IPA and a peanut butter-jelly-fried egg hamburger. Delicious!

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