Hiking and Running Continues

This morning started off with heading to the Nederland area of Colorado for a hike. Four of us made the hike this morning which was at Lost Lake via Hessie Trail.

Rated as moderate, Lost Lake was to be about a 4.1 mile lollipop route – out and back but a loop around the lake.

While we gained around 900 feet in elevation, what made it more difficult was the semi-steep climb the first mile or so. Well, the first mile once you actually got to the trailhead. We had to park a little bit down the road so we hiked to the trailhead.

I’m glad we got there at around 8:15am or so because the trail was fairly empty – it’s nice to have the outdoor space to yourself sometimes, especially compared to some of those hikes last summer.

The lake was no longer lost since we found it at the end of the trail. I’m not sure how anyone could lose a lake, but obviously it happens.

Once we got to the lake, the wind really picked up, so I was happy to have adequate gear with me. I’m still thinking about buying a different kind of shell/coat to use along with my lightweight down jacket.

The entire lake was frozen solid – just one giant sheet of ice. Even a few months later, my traction devices are still my favorite piece of gear that I own.

Lost Lake is kind of in a valley that’s shaped like a horseshoe, so there were some great sights all around us.

Apparently, Hessie Trail branches off to quite a few other trails.

Pictures never seem to do the scenery justice. Today’s hike was definitely beautiful.

Looking pretty smug after finishing what ended up being 4.43 miles.

After getting home and enjoying a hot shower, I rested a few hours by watching TED Talks before changing clothes and getting my run in for the day.

I’m really trying my hardest to not do the minimum one mile run, but I also didn’t want to overdo it today after hiking earlier.

Saying all of that, I decided that I wanted to shoot for a two mile run, which I was able to successfully reach – 2.11 miles in fact. Plus, I increased the speed of the treadmill like I wanted.

So I’ve now ran 32 days in a row – a new record for me.

334 more days to go . . .

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