Running: January 2020

So January is in the books, and I have now equaled my longest sequential days of running at thirty-one days.

The picture above shows me before my 31st run in a row, and then after. It’s obvious I sweat quite a bit. It also shows my new shirt and shorts that I bought at Target from their new active line. I’m a little disappointed that I had to by the larger size, rather than the size I really wanted but I just wasn’t comfortable with how the shirt fit, and the shorts just fit really odd.

Anyways, here’s where my January numbers ended up:

  • January Total: 108.67 miles
  • Average Run: 3.51 miles
  • Longest Run: 5.32 miles (1/27)
  • Shortest Run: 1.32 miles (1/11)

As a comparison, January 2020 was 20 miles longer than January 2019 when I first tried the “run every day; run 1000 miles” goal, and is my best month mileage wise since I started running again in April of 2017. It was also my sixth best month running EVER which makes me feel really good about how my running has progressed. Plus, I’m really happy with the fact that my shortest run was over a mile, but also that I maintained a 3.51 mile average throughout the entire month, which puts me ahead of my 1000 mile pace too.

Starting in February, even though I hate treadmill running, I am going to increase the minimum running speed from 5.0 mph to 5.1 mph, and still shoot for a minimum run every day of 3.1 miles, or 45 minutes (have to have time to shower at work.)

And ideally get an outside run or two done.

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