Being A Nerd

One of the things about most social networks is how easy they are to post via a mobile device. Heck, Facebook didn’t even have an iPad app once upon a time ago.

When I first started blogging, you had to visit the site to create content. There new mobile methods to update your site.

Since I used LiveJournal, they eventually offered an app and also created a method that allowed you to update your journal via email, which was quite handy. But for some reason it never felt convenient.

I think that mobile easiness is why I eventually started to use Facebook more and more (and then Twitter and Instagram.) It was just so easy.

This is a long winded explanation for this post’s title. I downloaded the mobile WordPress app to see how easy it would be to post an update.

Getting ready for SSFC vs COL at Dick Sporting Goods Park

It seems to work pretty well. Plus is quite handy adding photos anywhere in the post.

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