A New Beginning

Years ago, August of 2000 in fact, I created a blog on LiveJournal. And I used it religiously for almost eight years.

And then a time came and I stopped. I blame the rise of Facebook. Everyone was there, and that’s where my ramblings moved to.

But then in May of 2017, I deactivated Facebook. It was a time suck, and I wasn’t finding anything positive about keeping that platform going. I didn’t delete it, I just deactivated it.

I then found myself on Twitter. A lot. But Twitter is even worse than Facebook. It’s a true hell-site.

So I moved to Instagram. It’s hard to be shitty when the bulk of Instagram is dogs, food, and artwork.

While my LJ still exists, that platform is a ghost town. It’s hard to look back and think about about the countless hours I spent there. Today, 90% of my entries are private; maybe one day I’ll move them here and then have a final look at the years of activity before finally deleting that platform.

All of these just served to remind me that I missed writing. Even if I wasn’t saying anything profound – maybe detailing my day, or talking about paper mice and My Little Pony.

The other day I realized that I don’t use my website for much. It was originally a way to show off the underwater photographs that I took, then it became a way to detail my adventures. But eventually it just became another ghost town.

But then I thought – why don’t I just blow-up my website and turn it into a blog again?

And that’s what I did. I’m back to writing. Now I’m going to spend all of my time relocating my adventure stories and pictures, and playing with the colors.

Welcome. It’s good to be back.

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