Legitimate Salvage

At the end of June 2021, my brother texted me the following pictures. He said he was getting one.

252 razor sharp teeth.

Almost five years ago, Josh lost Koda. Koda was the Big Brown Dog to Olive the Little Black Dog.

Josh finally decided the time was right for another dog. This time instead of a brown Lab, he was going to get a charcoal lab.

What if they had another puppy available? We could have a sister to Josh’s dog.

And that’s what we did. It had been a few years since we lost Olive, and I know I really missed having a dog around.

So we drove to Washington one weekend, and we picked up little Rocinante.

Our little Roci dog.
This is Ember.

I really wish that Olive was able to have met Rocinante. I’m sure they would have been the best of friends.

And of course, I continued the tradition we established with Olive on birthdays – Roci got to enjoy some filet mignon. Plus she also “got” to wear a birthday hat and enjoy her first birthday cake.

Even though there were many times I questioned my sanity about getting a puppy, she’s grown into her own version of a sweet dog. Yeah, she may not listen all that great consistently, and she wants to chase Watson, but she’s a cutie and she is our best dog.

I do wish that I was in the appropriate condition to go running with her, or hiking. At least the two of us enjoy a nice long walk every weekend (weather dependent), and now that it’s staying lighter later, I’m really hoping to enjoy some after work walks too. Be good for both of us and our larger than ideal tummies.

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