One Year Ago

It’s still quite amazing to think about. But one year ago, I set out from Covington, Washington, heading east, to my new home in Colorado.

For the most part, the drive went better than I would have ever expected. Even considering that I was driving a brand new car over 1300 miles, by myself, everything went well.

However, in full disclosure, the only issue I had was that my eyes were giving me some CRAZY problems. Starting about four or five days before I headed out, they were very angry most of the drive.

The drive would take me twenty hours, over two days, five states, and 1300 miles. I don’t even remember how many times I had to stop for gas, but I do know that I stayed the night in a Jack Reacher kind of motel in Utah.

The best part of the motel was the fact it had a microwave, which meant I was able to use my warming eye mask and hopefully make my eyes feel better. It worked. The next day wasn’t quite so bad.

Even though I’ve been here a full year now (we even had to sign our lease renewal this week,) it’s still hard to believe that I moved to Colorado. I spent over 20 years in Tacoma, and just figured that I would never leave, plus never imagined that K would even consider leaving Covington.

And yet, here we both are.


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