Eleven Days In . . .

Even though it’s only been eleven days, I’m still feeling pretty confident in my running goal for 2020:

  • Run at least one mile a day
  • Run 1,000 miles in the year

After 11 days, here’s where I’m at:

  • Week Total: 21.20 miles
  • January Total: 37.65 miles
  • 2020 Total: 37.65 miles
  • Average Run: 3.42 miles
  • Longest Run: 4.92 miles (1/1)
  • Shortest Run: 1.32 miles (1/11)

As you can see my shortest run was today and it was the first time I’ve done the one mile run, and the first time where I felt like I “had” to run. The reason for this, especially on a Saturday, was that I had gone hiking earlier in the morning.

I’m a little worried about hiking is going to impact my daily runs, especially when the spring/summer season starts up again. In fact, I contemplated just saying that my hikes counted as running (just for those days,) but ultimately I decided that no, I said run every day, not run 13 days, hike one day, and repeat that frequency for the year.

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